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our offers - Holiday open from 11:00 clock already!

The "playhouse Schiller Street" in which Schiller Strasse 86, Berlin-Charlottenburg, offers a pedagogically supervised playground with children's center, a wide range over an area of 2,500 m2 for children under twelve years, from Monday to Friday, 14 to 18 clock and on Saturdays from 12 to 17 clock.

our goals

We offer adventure and activity areas in the natural environment of the children. Your need for exercise, experience hunger and curiosity to be satisfied under the open offer. Through group offers creativity, teamwork and social learning are encouraged.

our Sponsors

Staffed by trainees at many of our projects bbw Academy Berlin are supported. Practical help, we learn by the company Dahmeland Bau GmbH and the youth services project "Work-In". The children will be removed from thirst Wesergold Extaler mineral source.

The playhouse will be conducted in collaboration with the youth of Charlottenburg-Wirlmersdorf.

Projects: "tree disc project" is taking a break until 2014

Charlottenburg is chic! Tree panes are in the city often sleazy corners. Children beautify the neighborhood in Baumscheibenprojekt.Ein cooperation project with Youth Office and Environment Agency.



28.10. - 15/11/2013

Interactive exhibition for the prevention of sexual abuse of children aged 6-11 years  


Parks Commission financed the playhouse two new go-karts. Each has six (6) wheels.

Playhouse receives honorary means of Bezriksamtes. Banks are thus repaired, but especially an old construction trailer at 5:09:13 delivered.

Friedenskirche Charlottenburg

The existing home game in 30 years since 2011 Schiller Street is under new ownership. The Peace Baptist Church, Charlottenburg is a recognized provider of private youth services pursuant to § 75 (3) and § 40 of the KJHG AG-KJHG. The Church of Peace funded through voluntary donations from their involvement, because Baptist churches reject the collection of church taxes.

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Treat in the fenced and thus clean adventure playground are many go-karts and roller blades. The children have their own route for about 30 cars. On the spacious grounds are naturally also large and small climbing equipment, a giant slide, two ball courts, a trampoline, table tennis, various swings and playhouses available